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Dr. Francesco Di PierroBiologist, Pharmacologist and PhD in Immunology

Francesco Di Pierro
Born in Turin on 20th February, 1967. Author of about 400 popular medical/scientific works, of over 100 scientific/technical papers and of about 50 industrial patents. Lecturer in charge of teaching nutrition, phytotherapy and biopharmaceutical at some Italian Universities.
Member of the Scientific Editorial Board for the following journals: Integratore Nutrizionale; Journal of Alternative and Integrative Medicine; Core Evidence; International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology; International Journal of Case Reports and Images; American Journal of Digestive Disease.
Prize awarded by the French Society of Cosmetological Chemistry (2000), prize awarded by the Spanish Society of Chemistry (2001), he has been Included in Who's Who in the World 2011.
Former Scholarship Holder and Ph.D. student at Institute of Microbiology in Turin (1990-1993), former in charge of Immunopharmacology at Italfarmaco Research Center in Milan (1993-1996), former Senior Scientist at Indena Scientific Direction in Milan (1996-2002), former Scientific Director at SIIT Pharmaceutical in Milan (2002-2007), since 2007 he is Scientific and Research Director at Velleja Research.
Author of "Argomenti di Fitoterapia Biofarmaceutica"; published by CEC Editore, Milan (2014).
Author of "Argomenti di Terapia Batterica"; published by CEC Editore, Milan (2015).

Dr. Alberto CallegariChemist, herbal formulator

Alberto Callegari
Born at Codigoro (FE) on January 31st in 1965. He has published 8 scientific papers and 1 industrial patent.
Former Chemist Lieutenant at Ospedale Militare Genova (1991), former herbal and drug formulator (1992-1995), former Product Manager at Zeta Farmaceutici (1996-2000), Marco Viti (2000-2001), Laborest (2002-2006), since 2006 he is the Marketing e Communication Director in Velleja Research.

Dr. Maurizio SperoniChemist, drug formulator

Maurizio Speroni
Born in Piacenza on February 8th in 1958. He has published 6 scientific papers and 1 industrial patent. Director of the scientific magazine "Aggiornamenti di Medicina Integrata".
Former Pharmacy Director (1985-2003) and Technical Director at Omeopiacenza (1996-2005), he is currently both CEO and Head of Drug Security and Responsible of Manufacturing Service at Omeopiacenza (since 1992). Moreover, he is also Pharmextracta CEO (since 2005) and Head of Business Development at Velleja Research.