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Developed products

Thanks to a passion for pharmacological, phytotherapeutic and nutritional sciences shared by its three founders, Velleja Research has been created to meet the need for rational ideation and scientific development of new products/preparations for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors, as well as of medical devices, with particular regard to the branch of dietary supplements and phytotherapeutic remedies.
The development of each product involves several steps, all of which are of fundamental importance. These steps may be listed as follows:
  • definition of the therapeutic target,
  • identification of potentially interesting active derivatives on the base of the relevant literature,
  • characterization of the chemical profile of the selected derivative/s,
  • assessment of its, or their, kinetic profile/s (absorption and excretion),
  • correction of the kinetic profile whenever it is found to be poor or nonexistent (but still improvable),
  • assessment and implementation of galenic requirements in the finished product (gastric protection, colon-specificity, time-dependent release, pH-dependent release),
  • verification of the galenic result through dissolution tests performed according to the Pharmacopeia,
  • toxicological assessment of the finished preparation (in particular in the case of multi-ingredient preparations or products containing ingredients whose kinetic profile is somehow modulated, or with regard to the use of derivatives so far poorly or badly investigated in terms of safety),
  • production of a pilot batch to attain (organoleptic and chemical) stability,
  • clinical experimentation of the finished product, and
  • publication of the resulting data.
It goes without saying that the choice of the active ingredients, as well as excipients, will be made according to the application sector of the finished product. If the latter is intended for the dietary supplement market, active ingredients, excipients and the solvents used to obtain them will be selected on the base of their 'dietary' characteristics and will have to be 'food grade'; if, on the other hand, the product is intended for the cosmetic market, they will be selected on the base of their cosmetic characteristics and the presence of an INCI name; if the product is a medical device or a drug, they will be selected on the base of the specific applicable standards.
During its first years of operation, Velleja Research developed a very large number of preparations, now on the market, for different, chiefly trading Companies (Pharmextracta, Omepiacenza, New Penta, Laboratorio Chimico Deca, Milte, Pharma Vinci, etc.).