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In recent years Velleja Research has devoted part of its efforts to building up scientific partnerships which it can make use of in the conception and development of innovative preparations, particularly in the field of phytotherapeutic drugs. For example, strong biunivocal scientific links have been created with Indena (world leader in research on phytotherapeutic products), with which Velleja Research shares a number of product development and investigation projects (in particular in the pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and clinical fields).
More recently, Velleja Research started study and research on BIOPROTICS (evolution of the probiotic science). Bioprotics is a medical science that makes use of selected live and viable unicellular organisms, exerting (not necessarily intestinal) tissue-specific colonization activity, with which they can prevent and/or combat tissue diseases owing to mechanisms of humoral or receptor competition. Like all new sciences, bioprotics is complex, and bioprotic strains must satisfy certain essential characteristics, which means that they should be specific antagonists of one or more pathogens, indigenous, non-pathogenic, antibiotic-sensitive, propagable and stable. They must not cause toxicity or immunologic reactions, be characterized by a genome identifiable in the flora, and, above all, capable of extra-intestinal colonization and persistence. This line of research has obviously involved the building-up of important partnerships from the points of view of industrial production (Blis Ltd), basic research (AAT; Saint Petersburg University) and international trade (Stratum Nutrition).
By dedicating its efforts to scientific innovation, Velleja Research considers itself ever open to new and broader forms of scientific cooperation and makes its choices on the basis of an aspect that is as important as it is obvious - that is, the best partnership is the one that will be built tomorrow.