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Scientific papers

Potential role of bioavailable curcumin in weight loss and omental adipose tissuedecrease: preliminary data of
a randomizedcontrolled trial in overweight people withmetabolic syndrome. Preliminary study

Functional study on Boswellia phytosome as complementary intervention in asthmatic patients

Cariogram outcome after 90 days of oral treatment with Streptococcus salivarius M18 in children at high risk
for dental caries: results of a randomized, controlled study

Development of a new highly standardized and granulated extract from Monascus purpureus with a high content of
monacolin K and KA and free of inactive secondary monacolins and citrinin

Uso orale di Streptococcus salivarius K12 nei bambini con otite media secretiva: risultati preliminari di uno
studio pilota, non controllato

A nutraceutical role for cannabidiol. Why not?

antibiotic resistance

The issue regarding probiotics

Clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy of Boswellia-based cream for prevention of adjuvant radiotherapy
skin damage in mammary carcinoma: a randomized placebo controlled trial

Comment on: "Probiotics in addition to antibiotics for the treatment of acute tonsillitis: a randomized,

Clinical role of a fixed combination of standardized Berberis aristata and Silybum marianum extracts in
diabetic and hypercholesterolemic patients intolerant to statins

A pilot trial on subjects with lactose and/or oligosaccharides intolerance treated with

Preliminary results of a randomized controlled trial carried out with a fixed combination of
S-adenosyl-L-methionine and betaine versus amitriptyline in patients with mild depression

Role of betaine in improving the antidepressant effect of S-adenosyl-methionine in patients with
mild-to-moderate depression

Bacterial therapy in pregnancy

Boswellic acids for the treatment of erythematous eczema and psoriasis

Role of a medical device for intra-vaginal use in improving

Nutraceuticals approaches in polycystic ovary syndrome: focus about inositols

Role of Betaine and B vitamins supplementation in hyperhomocysteinemia

Clinical efficiency of herbal derivatives

Blisk K12 on bacterial and viral infection

Clinical advantage deriving from the use of multi-fractioned extract of E. Purpurea

Carnosine role on sportive performance

Glycemic advantages induced by berberine plus silymarin versus berberine

Lipicur and neuropathy

Acetaminophen damage prevention

Post-steroid management of vulvar itching

Chemical analysis and clinical use of cranberry in different form of cictytis

Mirgeal in MRGE treatment

Curcumin phytosome (Meriva) and analgesy

Phytotherapy on Italian web sites

Bilberry seeds oil for topical treatment of erythema and psoriasis

BLIS K12: clinical trial on adult

Role of K12: pediatric trial

Enteric-coated cranberry: clinical trial on radiotherapy-induced cystitis

Berberol as add-on therapy on diabetic subjects with sub-optimal control

The multi-fractioning extraction process

Polinacea in prevention of flu and cold: clinical trial

Emospid and metronidazole: treatment of acne rosacea

PAC A2 and hyaluronic acid in recurrent stomatitis

Clinical use of carnosine and beta-alanine in sport

A review of BLIS K12

Newborn supplementation by breastfeeding

Emospid in acute hemmorroidal crisis: a clinical trial versus diosmin

Use of deterpened G. biloba extract in rat and human

Enteric-coated cranberry: DMAC method and efficacy in acute cystitis

Seretop G in acne vulgaris

Polinacea in prevention of cold and flu

Clinical trial on anemia: treatment with DDM Ferro

Alipas on obesity and hypertriglyceridemic condition

Use of arpagophytum extract on arthrosis

Ginseng Phytosome: clinical trial on asthenia

Irricol: clinical trial on subjects with IBS

Zantoderm: clinical trial in different forms of dermatitis

Reflash: clinical trial on bile reflux

Rathany-based vaginal tablets in vaginitis and vaginosis

Enteric-coated cranberry in bladder infection

Capasaicin local use in therapy of arthrosic pain

Dimeric and terpenic fraction of G. biloba in PLE therapy

Emospid in chronic venous insufficiency

Berberol: product rational and pilot evaluation on chelesterolemia

Dimeric and terpenic fraction from G. biloba in sun erithema

Greenselect Phytosom: a clinical trial in obese subjects

Mixture of lattogenic and bifidogenic prebiotic fibers: use in disbiosis

Decolax (colon-specific senna and antinflammatories): contrlled trial in stipsis

Fast-releasing agnus castus and PMS

terpenal: clinical trial in benign polymorphic eruption

G. biloba phytosome and Raynoud's syndrome

PMS and fast-releasing agnus castus: controlled clinical trial

Rathany and xanthoxilum derivatives in gynecology

Micronized silymarin: clinical role as galattogogue

Neurofast versus benzodiazepine: clinical trial

Zantogin and atrophic vulvo-vaginitis

Rathany extract in vaginitis and vaginosis

rathany extract and candidosis

Greenselect Phytosome and low-calories diet in obese people

Emospid in VCI

Green tea extract higly bioavailable in obesity treatment

Paravir Flu in winter disease

Krameria extract and candidosis

FG5: evaluation of the side effects due to acetaminophen and antibiotic therapy