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Developed ingredients

Polygonum fagopyrum extract complexed with phosphatidilserine

P. fagopyrum hydro-ethanolic extract complexed with phosphatidilserine is a new ingredient able to counteract testosterone catabolism by inhibiting the enzyme devoted to its glucuronidation: UGT2B17. The action of this active prolong the half-life of testosterone delaying its urinary clearance.

Curcumin with phosphatidilserine in phytosome form

Curcumin in phytosome form with phosphatidilserine, developed thanks to the INDENA know-how on phytosomes, is an ingredient exploiting the antinflammatory and the anti-hyperglicemic activities of curcumin along with the anti-cortisol and anti-insulin-resistant roles of phosphatidilserine. Ingredient can be useful in the diabetes therapy especially for those subjects with elevated values of HOMA-R or HOMA-IR. Ingredient is under patent protection (MI2013XXXXX).

Silymarin with phosphadilserine in phytosome form

Silymarin-phosphatidilserine phytosome, developed thanks to the INDENA know-how on phytosomes, has been developed to favour the oral absorption of silymarin, well know liver protector and galactogogue, exploiting at the same time the anti-cortisol role played by phsophatidilserine. Sinergy between the 2 actives can be exploited in treating hypogalactia. The product is patent-protected (MI2012A001784).

Multi-fractioned extracts

Some extracts from medicinal plant (or edible plant) show a strong correlation between a certain chemical fraction and a correspondent clinical activity. This is valid for instance for OPC from Vitis vinifera, for PAC from Vaccinium macrocarpon, for boswellic acid from Boswellia serrata and so on.
Differently, for some other extracts commonly used in phytotherapy, same correlation cannot be done so clearly (devilís claw, echinacea, valerian, ecc.). For those extracts commonly the so-called phytocomplex is quoted to explain as only the whole mixture of fractions is responsible for the final activity of the product. Starting from this preface we have developed a methodology allowing a reconstitution of the extract after a multi-fractioning process. Due to this method, with patent application, we have optimized the extraction process for every single chemical fraction, and then, the total extraction capability. Such a process is currently used in the pipeline of products traded in Italy with the brand Ulrich.


VR456 is a deterpened (less than 0.1%) form of Ginkgo biloba extract manufactured according to the method shows in EP800222 developed to allow the treatment of subjects with perpheral or central vascular disorders already under treatment with ticlopidine, warfarin, cardioaspirin or other drug endowed with anti-blood clotting activity.
The product is trade in Italy by PharmExtracta under the brand GINKASA.